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Project Description

DotNetNuke module provided by anaii software company

This is a DotNetNuke 5.5+ module for news. It allows users to create, manage and preview news on DotNetNuke portals. Module is template based and can work on multilanguage portals. It is free of charge and constantly improving.

Module : anaii DotNetNuke NEWS multilanguage module

CMS : DotNetNuke 5.5 +

Description: Anai news module is Multilanguage, multi template token replacement module giving view of one or a list of news sorted by categories and publishing chronology. Using this module you can get all the functionalities you need in order to publish, sort and manage your portal news.

Charge : Free

Anaii Company deals with commercial and free DotNetNuke module development. On this page we will put the newest versions of our free DotNetNuke modules and their installation and configuration instructions. Anaii has focused its attention to generic modules development, which are made to be used by qualified web administrators and developers. All of our modules are Multilanguage and template view organized. This has made us accomplish to make our modules usable in much more situations, with certain template changes. We also use token replacement technology. All of the modules presented on this page are free of charge and publicly available under BCU license. If you use our modules, please leave us your reference and thanks for the authors.

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